Shipping & Delivery Policy


Firearms Missouri LLC will ONLY transfer ownership of a firearm to individuals or agencies in possession of a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). This means we cannot ship directly to you unless you are an FFL holder. Learn how to purchase and ship a gun near you by visiting our “Our To Purchase A Firearm Online” page.

If you do not hold a valid FFL, Firearms Missouri, LLC will transfer your purchased firearm to your choice of a licensed gun dealer in your state.


To ensure that a firearm is legal to own in your state. Click HERE to view your current state restrictions. Missouri Guns & Ammo, LLC is not responsible for shipping charges for shipments returned or shipped to States due to orders that do not comply with your State Restrictions. If you order an item(s) that does not comply you may be subject to a 15% restocking fee at the sole discretion of Missouri Guns & Ammo, LLC.
To contact the FFL if they’re a non-preferred dealer. Missouri Guns & Ammo, LLC preferred dealers will take any/all of our shipments without prior contact.
To complete all required paperwork when you pick up your purchase from your local dealer.
Please be aware that it is customary for your local dealer to charge a transfer fee at the time you pick up your purchase. This transfer fee is strictly between you and your local dealer. Please check with your local dealer concerning their policies. You do not pay Missouri Guns & Ammo, LLC the transfer fee. Certain dealers also apply sales tax. This is between you and your local FFL dealer. Missouri Guns & Ammo, LLC only collects sales tax if you reside in the state of MO.

You, as the buyer, are responsible for contacting their transferring FFL to request they send a copy of their FFL to us. If you are using a Buds Preferred FFL dealer, we will already have the FFL on file.